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“For God so loved the world that He gave his only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

 Last March I was inspired to write a poem about the Forget-Me-Not Cross. I never thought for a moment I was writing it to help me through a trial that I would endure several months later:

In a field of green hills and flora,

I could see a vision of grace and familiarity,

There stood the cross left in all it’s glory,

with spirit-filled memory.

The closer I came, the more perfect it’s reminder,

as a carpet of flowers adorned each bough,

And once I touched my Savior’s cross,

I remembered what He did for thou.

For on the cross lay hundreds of flowers,

draped over my Lord’s gift to me,

Each one a sweet forget-me-not,

A fragrant reminder to stay close to Thee.  

Months after I wrote this, I was facing a difficult trial regarding my daughter. The grief I felt was almost unbearable. None-the-less I had to see my 81 year old mother for mother’s day, so I got in the car and drove four hours. Along the way I stopped at my favorite place in the whole world…Stowe Vermont and the beautiful Von Trapp Lodge. As I walked through the fields and photographed the beauty around me I hoped to find some grace amongst the beauty. I came upon a spot I have never noticed before, as I walked through the path I looked down and saw a bunch of forget-me-nots. A little further and I was in the grotto and came upon the cross, and there He was in all His Glory, Jesus. Just like in my poem reminding me to Forget-Not who is there for me. I wept at His grace. You see I was walking in my poem and He was with me under that magnificent sky against those majestic mountains. I have been visiting the Von Trapp Lodge for over tens years, and I have never walked on that path, nor saw the cross. The timing was perfect…God’s timing for me to discover such a beautiful place on such a day of despair. He is always with us, all that we need to do is not forget what He did for us on that cross.  


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