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I gave my life to Jesus Christ twenty-five years ago. During my walk with the Lord I have studied the Bible, listened to sermons, discovered beautiful worship music and read many books. I truly found my best direction many times from my devotional. I started with Hearing God, by Lory Basham Jones and then added Streams In The Desert, by L.B. Cowman, and Springs In The Valley by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman which helped me daily to receive a message from God. To this day I read these three devotionals and I have added even more devotionals to my morning devotional time.

What I love about a devotional is that there is a daily message for that specific day of the month that you are reading, I can’t tell you how many times it fits absolutely perfectly with my circumstances. There is scripture and scripture references, which taught me how to study the Bible on a daily basis. When I discovered the devotional, I learned how others applied God’s word to their every day lives. In my first devotional Hearing God, I read every day what guidance the Holy Spirit was giving Lori Basham Jones. I also learned from that book how she would ask God in plain English, no flowering fancy prayer, to guide her. She begins with scripture, moves on to ask God about her circumstance and then includes how God directs her path. Through reading this little book, which is tattered and missing the spine now, I learned how to recognize God’s voice.

Streams of the Desert is truly amazing to me. Day after day, year after year I read the daily message and it never ceases to amaze me how the writing is so close to my circumstance. That little treasure is full of so many messages from people like us just taking life one day at a time. It is my favorite gift to share with others and give as a gift. This book has comforted me so many times in the middle of difficult times, and has taught me how to react to my circumstances.

My most recent additions to my devotional library are Starting Your Day Right By Joyce Meyer and Choosing Life, One Day At A Time by Dodie Osteen, and this divine little treasure Meeting God in Quiet Places, The Cotswold Parables by F. LaGard Smith, illustrated by Glenda Rae.

F. LaGard Smith has written a whole series of Meeting God in Quiet Places. My favorite is in the Cotswolds, in it he refers to everyday things and how he sees God’s parables all around him. He leads you through his words down the beautiful places in the Cotswolds and describes in detail how he sees God’s parables. It is the loveliest little book, and it has inspired me tremendously. Not only do I feel like I am walking through the Cotswolds, but F. LaGard Smith narrates how God’s parables are still alive all around us today. Max Lucado wrote the Foreward and it he writes:

“LaGard has invited us to walk with him through the countryside of England. But as you walk you will see much more than bunnies and sheep. You will see truths of Scripture come alive and the promise of God renewed with each sunrise.”

Today I own many devotionals and I still am learning to see God in the details of everyday life. My devotionals were the inspiration for this blog. I thought I would love to introduce others to the world of these little guide books called devotionals. I decided to write in my own devotional for you, how the Holy Spirit has and continues to teach, comfort, lead and strengthen me, as I walk the path following Jesus Christ. I wanted to write a devotional that would hopefully touch your heart the way that my library of friends has touched mine.

I believe I owe everything to my Savior. I hope my writings bless you and inspire you to never grow weary of following our Lord.

We all have the abililty to encourage one another just as Paul did thousands of years ago from a jail cell through his letters. Whether you are a new believer, a seeker, or feeling lost our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ will lead you. When I was first saved I was lost how to read God’s Word, where to begin and how to read the Word. My devotionals were my introduction how to understand scripture, and how to apply it to my circumstance.

I believe one of my favorite scriptures is in Jeremiah, chapter twenty-nine, verse eleven:

“For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”


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“Faith comes from listening to this messge of good news-the good news about Christ”. Romans 10:17

Every morning I sit in my wing chair and spend some time reading my devotional and the Bible. It is my special place where I have stacks of spiritual books and a journal nearby. Last year I noticed that this robin would sit on the window sill near this spot. Day after day he appeared, as if he too were taking time to be still. I finally, put my camera nearby so that I could capture this photo. This morning he appeared again. He was the first Robin I saw this Spring, and his parable led me to remember the legend of the Robin. I thought it fitting, because the sight of this bird sitting on the ledge where I meditate each morning, strengthens my faith that the Lord is always with us. He continues to stoke the fire within us by giving us signs.

“The Legend of the Robin,” tells how Mary, on Christmas Eve, coaxes the stable animals into stoking the fire for her. The horse, ox, and donkey are no help. Then a little brown bird swoops down and fans the smoldering coals till the bird’s chest glowed and a flame ignited—in the coals, that is. “‘Dear bird,’ Mary said, ‘thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. From now on, you will always wear a breast of red as a sign of the kindness in your heart.'”

I wonder if the first bird of Spring is the Robin because just like when he stoked the fire for Mary celebrating the birth of our Lord, he stokes our attention every Spring to remind us that this is the season we celebrate Christ being born again.

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